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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dear Weston - 8 Months

Dear Weston,
You are back to co-sleeping with us.  Let me start by saying, I don't feel right about letting you cry it out.  It took us a while to get you to transition to your crib around 7 months, and it was hard. You fought it, I cried, and we both somehow made it through.  You were doing it but you STILL would cry.  There was never a night where you didn't wake and cry for us. However, once we moved into our new home, the new surroundings threw you off - way off. So the best thing for all of us, is to sleep together. After accepting this as a way of life, I realize how special this bond has been for us. Some nights are not ideal - you toss and turn and need my boob in your mouth ALL night, and my body gets put in some really uncomfortable positions, but other nights we snuggle so close, and both sleep sound.  I have decided if you need me to sleep, then you can have me. I have definitely taken the approach of attachment parenting. If you cry, I pick you up and hold you tight. If you fuss, I put you on the breast.  I follow your lead, your cues. You love to be held.  When you hear my voice, you crawl your fastest to get to me. You make me feel important. You have made me feel like a dedicated mom. You have definitely helped me to become a much more patient person.

You certainly know how to charm our socks off.  You have such a huge wide grin, with delicate eyes that sparkle when you are happy. You babble like crazy.  I think we all talk a lot in this family, but my goodness you are loud and proud.

The biggest thing that happened this month was crawling!  You started to crawl shortly after your 7 month birthday and you have mastered it.  Not only can you crawl, but you can get yourself into all sort of crazy positions from all 4's, back to a squat like position, back to sitting.  You also have this really cute scoot thing you do - you scoot on your knees, and skip the crawling, you seem to be way faster this way.

Another big milestone - you got two new teeth, your bottom center teeth, and they both came in at the same time.  You were a big fussy monster during these couple of days, but once they popped through, you took the pain like a champ. 

I am not sure if I mentioned this before, but you love it when I sing to you. You hate the car seat still.  You take big boy baths with your sister every night and you LOVE the water now (you hated it before). You are still a high maintenance eater - when you were cutting your teeth you went down to 1 jar, and some days you eat more than others, but you always push the food out with your tongue. I hope this reflex lessens by next month.

Love you always,
Your mom

At a Glance:

7 month Stats:
Weight: 19 pounds (total guess)
Height: 30 inches (guess)
Head: 20 inches (guess)

Sleep Stats:
In your crib for afternoon nap
Naps: morning around 1030 in your carseat or stroller, afternoon around 2 pm - 5 pm
Nighttime: 7:30 bedtime (wake two hours later) and I will then bring you into bed with me for the rest of the night.

Jar food - 2-3 a day.

2 Teeth!