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Monday, December 16, 2013

Dear Weston - 9 Months

Dear Weston,
It finally happened! You have really come into your own, little man.  Wow, you have a HUGE personality, with lots of grins and a taste for exploration. Not only that, but you have matured. You are getting a better grasp on this big world and are feeling more secure to take it on without me. I have left you a few times with daddy and you have been an angel the whole time I was gone.  This is big deal for the both of us. I get some bonding time with Jillian or to myself and you get some bonding time with daddy. I wouldn't say you are ready to be left with anyone else other than me or daddy just yet, but it's a step! 

At our new house you can see the large planes gearing up to land at John Wayne Airport.  They roar above our backyard and your eyes dart to them the instant you hear them.  This inquisitive nature doesn't stop here. You watch everything intently.  From simple things like filling my water bottle, to watching me load the dishwasher, you are discovering the world.

You are an expert crawler, and now an expert on pulling yourself up.  You pull up on everything, which also means we have had lots of bumps and bruises along the way. When you fall, bonk your head, or get hurt, you cry hard.  You look for me, and I swoop you up, caressing you until you are ready to play again. It doesn't take long.  When you see a toy you want, you MUST have it.  You also hate it when I take something away. You cry in anger.

One thing I have learned in these last 9 months is that you have a specific cry for each thing that you want. Call it a mother's intuition, but I am more in tune with you than I was with your sister, mostly because we spend all day and night together.

Speaking of our time together, we are still co-sleeping and doing great. It's working for both of us, and I won't change this until you are at least 1.

At your 9 month visit to the pediatrician, I was a bit alarmed to find out that you dropped from the 50th percentile in weight to the 12th percentile. Dr. Tang said you are a round the clock snacker. You are on the boob a lot, pretty much whenever you need it, and because of this, you snack while you are comforting yourself.  Dr. Tang wasn't concerned.  He said you are still growing in head size and height and that you must just be a really busy baby.  You are! You are so active you never stop. What he suggested was to start feeding you more fatty foods such as yogurt, avocado, cheese and if we felt up to it we could supplement with formula.  Daddy was on board for formula and after some hesitation from me, we started to give you 2 bottles a day.  In the past you have hated the bottle, but suprisingly you took it!  I was shocked.  Some days you drink 2 ounces, and on good days you drink 6. Other days you don't drink any and just want to boob.  But because of this bottle introduction, I can leave you with daddy alone.

Some other tid bits: you takes your nightly baths with Jillian.  You love balls and love to roll them and chase them.  You are graceful and can balance pretty darn well.  You STILL have no hair on that head of yours. You have FOUR teeth that are coming in at the same time, all on the top. There have been some trying days dealing with the discomfort but I'd say you were a trooper.

It's such a wonderful feeling to see you flourish, grow, explore and come into your own.  Daddy and I call you our Wild Wild West, because we see such a crazy fun side to you.  The love I have for you grows every day and I am SO blessed to be at home with you to see your daily achievements. 

Love you always,
Your mom

At a Glance:

  9month Stats:
Weight: 17 3/4 pounds (12%)
Height: 30 inches (75%)
Head: 20 inches (50%)

Sleep Stats:
No change from last month. Still co-sleeping
Naps: morning around 1030 in your carseat or stroller or crib if home, afternoon around 2 pm - 5 pm, with me snuggled on the couch.
Nighttime: 8:00 bedtime (wake two hours later) and I will then bring you into bed with me for the rest of the night.

Jar food - 3 a day, plus you have tried all sorts of new things: turkey, cheese, yogurt, avocado, pretzels, chicken, beans, and rice. We are also making a lot of your own pureed food and you are eating what we eat for dinner. If you get a bottle of formula it's before nap and before bed. 

4 new teeth (6 total!)
Pulling up on things from sitting