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Monday, September 14, 2015

So many changes and rambling thoughts

Blogging has taken a backseat in the past year, wow my last post was in March (so sad!!).  I didn't stop blogging on purpose, but our life and family have had a lot of big changes and after Wes turned 2 1/2 most of my journaling for him was complete.  Long gone are the days of the monthly updates, and while I still want to continue to journal their growth, big accomplishments and milestones, there was just too many other things happening.  The most exciting thing happened when I peed on a stick in January.  A positive test result.  One night (pre-pregnancy test) Tim and I were on the couch, and I felt some cramping.  I turned to him and said, if I am pregnant the egg just implanted itself into the uterus. Tim rolled his eyes.  But I knew that feeling was very special.  We  had only done the deed one time, so if I was pregnant, it would be a miracle, but I had hope.  We had been on the fence about having baby #3 for so long, we both just didn't know how to make the decision.  It was like we were overthinking it, and all the negatives and the positives were always so convincing and confusing.  It was by far the hardest thing to talk about emotionally.  One day we would feel one way, and other days it would be all I could think about. We fought over it, we cried over it. It was this never ending roller coaster.  In January, on a whim we both just decided to go for it one night without worrying about protection, and literarly from that point on the decision was made for us.  It FELT right. It FELT like it was meant to be.  I felt happiness.  I felt peaceful, and I felt complete.

And then another big change hit our family.  Tim got a new JOB.  After 12 years at his current company, he took a leap of faith and landed an amazing job an hour away.  This meant, MOVING.  So lets recap here: new baby, new job and now a new town??!!!

I think we handled it very well considering ALL these big changes were the BIGGEST life changes that could almost be thrown at anyone.  It's easy to look back on now and say we made it, but there were a lot of tears that came with everything.  We had to sell our house, deal with relocating, finding a new home to buy, all while trying to host open houses (potential buyers), first trimester exhausation, two little cutie pie hellions and Tim starting a new position at a new company.

As I sit and type this, it's almost as if all of it was a blur.  I know it happened, because I am sitting in our new home right now, but it is not without deep relflection that 2015 has definitely been our most challenging year. I am happy to report we have settled into our new life with much ease (and $$ spent lol), but it's all been worth it.

I also can't forget to mention we are also a mini van family now so yes, you can add new car to that mix.  Never say never!