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Monday, August 24, 2015

Dear Weston - 2 1/2 years old

Dear Weston,
I wasn't sure how you would handle being 2, but you know what?  You are a dream.  A total dream 2 year old.  Here is what I say about you when people ask: He can do no wrong. I am so in love with you, it's crazy ridiculous, and the best part about these feelings is you are the most snuggliest, lovable, kissable little boy, who listens, who rarely throws tantrums, who is generally super happy most of the time, and is slowly acquiring your own independence.  You kiss me ALL day, you sit in my lap all the time.  You say things like "want to snuggle?"  and "I wuv you."  You sing songs with your sister, you play nicely with her most of the time, and you are a very happy well rounded boy. You love to make friends, you aren't afraid of people and you exude a very quiet confidence about you.  You excel in your vocabulary, you have 4-5 word sentences and you talk all the time.  I remember a time you didn't say too much, but now, you just repeat everything we say, soaking up every single word. You are excelling in your milestones and are very bright.  It's crazy to think how about how hard of a baby you were, but now you are silly, funny, and just this bright light in our family.  I cannot get enough of you, and I am with you all the time. 

I really love who you are becoming, and am so proud of you.

You are growing too, 50% for weight and 97% for height. You are still picky eater, but we stick to our eggs in the morning routine, you usually snack a few times a day (on yogurt raisins, cheese, chips, crackers, or popcorn) and then eat a good dinner (pizza, quesadillas, pasta and mac n cheese).  You LOVE your milk - and drink about 30 ounces a day.  We just started giving you a multi vitamin in a gummy bear form and so I hope that will fill in the gaps in your diet until you start getting more courageous in trying new things (because you are missing out!).

Sleep has been great. We transitioned you into a twin bed right at 2 1/2. You have fallen out once or twice, but you do great when you are in your room sleeping.  Usually our nights start off with book and then I will sit with you in your room until you fall asleep. Most of the time you prefer your bed to sleep, but occasionally you will fall asleep with me in your rocking chair and then I will move you.  Our biggest problem right now is keeping you in your bed ALL night, because both you and your sister eventually come into our bed in the middle of the night. We stopped your naps all together a little after 2.  It was taking you too long to fall asleep at night, so dropping your nap all together made the most sense to us.You do quiet time with Jillian and watch a movie and then you get 12 hours of sleep at night and are usually asleep within 10 minutes of your bedtime.

You were potty trained two months ago at 2 years 4 months.  We let you roam around the house naked most of the time, but it was the easiest potty training.  You have great bladder control, and responded well to praise and gummy treats. You still wear a diaper at night, but I am in no hurry to rush that, besides your diaper is usually dry in the morning anyways, so I am sure that will happen in the next few months.

Heres a list of things you LOVE:

1) Buzz Light year
2) Cars and Trucks
3) Still your favorite is your bruder garbage truck
4) You love the movie Bolt and the Minions
5) Your first movie was the Minions :)
6) You like to help me cook
7) You can sit patiently - I bring this up because as a younger sibling you are waiting on jillian a lot (dance, swim lessons, school, etc) and you can wait with me so well.
8) You LOVE to swim, you love to dunk under and will jump in from the side of the pool or diving board.
9) You love to jump, fight daddy, play swords and guns all those fun boy things.
10) You are obsessed with the lawnmower and will watch daddy mow the lawn in awe.
11) You like tools, we call them daddy tools.  You want to play with them all the time.
12) You say "yet" instead of "yes" when you are answering a question.  You used to say "mmmm hmmm" and both are irresistibly cute. 

I will add to this list as I remember things, but goodness, you are just a dream toddler.  Perfect in every single way and I just love seeing who you are becoming, because I am beaming with pride.  You are certainly going to be a great older brother when the baby arrives, because you have a huge heart.