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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Dear Georgia - 1 Month

Dear Georgia,
I waited so long for you to arrive and you are finally here, but I still can't get enough of you.  You were born with that delicious newborn smell, and I can't help but want to hold you, snuggle you and just breath you in.  When you were born, you came out fast and furious. You weren't punctual like your brother and sister, but I think that contributes to your go with the flow, mellow disposition.  You are definitely the easiest baby, both your daddy and I agree.  Maybe we can knock it up to experience (this is our 3rd rodeo), but you are just so content to sit and watch all the chaos in our house.  And there is a lot of chaos.  Lots of noise, lots of screaming, lots of fighting/yelling, and LOTS of laughter.  You either sleep through it all, or you just stare in awe of these little people who are your siblings.  They love you.  Still it's a big change for them, having you in my arms much of the day, but they ooohhh and awwww over you.  They love to rub your head and sing you songs.
Sweet Georgia, you are my last baby.  I am savoring every second of you.  You have your own sweet faces and coos, and you have made me such a proud mom. I still can't believe you came out with dark hair, and lots of it. You have lost some of it now, but it's hanging around.  You have dark dark blue eyes, and I cna't wait to see what color these turn in to.


We are still in the newborn phase so you sleep a lot.  You have your days and nights figured out and once we brought you home, you impressed us with your sleeping skills.  The first week you were sleeping in 3 hour stretches.  By 4 weeks, you are giving me 5-6 hour stretches. at night, and you have already figured out how to soothe yourself to sleep (and not using me or a pacificier)!!  This is by far the best gift you could give me.

You take a pacifier sometimes.  We let you nap anywhere during the day and at night we swaddle you and you sleep in the co-sleeper right next to my bed.  After your last feeding at night (usually around 4-5 am), I let you sleep in bed with me and you nurse back to sleep until 7-8 am. If you wake up before 7 am, I prop you up on the boppy pillow let you look around while I sleep for 20-30 minutes.  Yes, you let me do that kind of stuff, because you are so chill and just easy going.

I change your diaper after each feeding if it's a poop.

Daily Routine:
We don't have a daily routine yet and as the 3rd baby, you really have to go with the flow.  So lots of car rides happen when we take Jillian to school 3 times a week, or take Wes to his tiny tots gym class.  We also have MOPS twice a month so you get more one on one time with me during those sessions. 

You get a bath when the other kids do, and at night you join us for story time.  I nurse you to sleep at the same time the other kids are going to sleep, so me, you, Jillian and Weston all are in the same room together falling asleep.  It works really well right now, but I am sure that will change.

We nurse on demand.  Usually a lot in the morning and in the evening.  You have some spitting up and some gas, but nothing you can't handle.  You are a really good burper after each feeding, and for a while your poops were a seedy green color.  This made me think I either have an oversupply of breastmilk (fast letdown) or you had a food allergy to something I was eating.  I took you to the doctor and they weighed you to make sure you were growing, and at 3 weeks you were already 10 pounds.  Once you start eating a bit less & sleeping more we will start you on a schedule.

Other things I want to remember:

- Just how sweet you are. Very very sweet.
- You are dark skinned!! With dark hair.
- You are wearing 3 month old clothes at 4 weeks
- You like the swing, dislike dirty diapers, and are still getting used to the car seat and taking baths.
- Your belly button cord fell off when you were 10 days old

Thank you baby girl for being so easy going and so loveable.  And those smiles of yours are pure magic. I just love every inch of you. And you better believe that I am taking everything slow and savoring every moment with you.  I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

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