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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Dear Georgia - 2 Months

Dear Georgia,

How in the heck are you 2 months already?  It's going too fast!!!  So because I am behind on my update for you, lets share what you have been up to.  You celebrated you first Thanksgiving and Christmas!! I dressed you in the cutest little christmas jammies for Christmas morning and low and behold you decided to have a huge diaper blow out.  I kept you in your stained PJ's for pictures but we all know there was a huge poop stain on the back!  At legoland a few weeks ago, you had another great blow out while everyone was on rides and I was solo.  I had to maneuver you out of your outfit, change you, and THANKFULLY had another outfit on hand.  The current outfit was not savable, so in the trash went the cutest little bird onesie :(

Beside some diaper blow outs here and there, you are still the sweetest little lady.  SO easy going. Probably the easiest baby ever.  You sleep still 4-6 hour stretches, no schedule on your naps.  I don't swaddle you anymore, you prefer having your arms out.  You have started doing a lot of sucking on your hands and fingers so I predict this is a way for you to self soothe. You use me every now and then, but you can easily fall asleep on your own.  You eat SO quick, in 5-10 minute feedings.  Speaking of eating, you have still only had one bottle (From daddy) and you hated it it, so it's strictly breast at this point.  Another thing I want to remember is you have a dairy sensitivity.  I have been working on cutting out all dairy, and for the most part I have been consistent but when I do fall off the wagon, you suffer the next day (spitting up, lots of fussy behaviors which is NOT like you at all), so I am really watching my what I eat. You love your swing, you love the bath, you love your play mat.  You smile ALL the time, and you are so beautiful.  You had you first laugh at one of my jokes, but haven't done it since. I am guessing more of that next month!

You got your first set of shots this month and it was VERY hard to watch. You cried really hard, which is something you don't ever do, so I knew you weren't happy.  But you are tall and thin!!  Measuring right on track for a healthy growing baby.  You are 50% for weight ( just under 12 pounds) and are 91% for height.

One thing that I think is very unique to you is how much you try to speak.  You are trying to talk so much already, and you babble all the time. You LOVE to engage and look at people.  That is your favorite thing - and you get upset when someone isn't paying attention to you.  I mentioned you hardly ever cry, and it's true. Because mostly when you are upset it's like you are yelling.  It's weird. It's not a cry but more of a way to talk to us in a angry tone.  I know it's seems crazy, but I really think you will talk early on.  I predict you will be very good at communicating.  You have engaging eye contact, and your social smiles are spot on.  I can't wait to have actual conversations with you, for now though I talk to you all the time, and you love a good song!

Your baby acne is not as bad and you have a bald spot on the back of your head.  You don't seem to be loosing anymore hair, but it has thinned out.  It's still brown though and your eyes are still blue.

My favorite part of the day is waking up with you.  I usually pull you into bed with me early in the morning (between 4- 6 am) and when we wake up ready for the day, you are smiley and cuddle and just SO lovable.  Seriously, you are just the most squishy lovable little lady and I am so in love with you.  Can't wait to see you grow and thrive.

I want to eat you up I love you so!!