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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Dear Georgia - 7 months

Dear Georgia,

Slow down!!! It's starting to happen where you are picking up things all the time.  I can't even handle it all.  The simple fact was you started crawling last month and now you are a mobile machine. You crawl all over.  And that is not all.  A major new skill that you mastered this last month is you can now pull yourself up from sitting. You even attempt to walk while holding on to the couch or chair.  We lowered the crib mattress because of this.  Because you are so mobile now we retired the swing.  You certainly don't want to be contained and there's too much to see and do.

Lately you have been mumbling the word dadadadada.  I am pretty sure you really do mean daddy, but so far you just mumble it all the time not necessarily at him.  We left you for one night with a babysitter so daddy and I could go out for our 9 year anniversary and you did great.

Another major milestone happened this month too: you started solids and started sleeping way better!!!
You eat 1 jar a day (4 ounces).  I try to sit you down breakfast lunch and dinner even if you just eat a few bites, to get the routine down.  We all eat together at each meal with I LOVE.  You took to food right away.You aren't too into the green veggies although we will work on that. But fruit is a win all the way around and you love sweet potatoes.

This has been an exciting month! We can't wait to see you perfect all these new skills and learn more in the next few months.  It's crazy how much we love you and we are already so proud of you!