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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Dear Georgia - 11 Months

Dear Dear Georgia,

I am getting a little teary eyed as I write this because between 10 and 11 months you were sick a lot. First you had Roseola, which last a week.  A week of 103 fevers, with a rash at the end.  You were so hot to touch all day, and it was so hard to watch you suffer.  But then a few days after that ended, you got a fever again.  This time 104 and the doctors were baffled.  So after three more days of a high fever I took you back again, begging for more answers.  They tested your urine and turns out you had a bladder infection.  Right away they gave you a shot of antibiotics and we returned the next day for more.  Finally after two days your fever broke, and we started you at medicine at home.  You emerged as a new baby and literally as your spunky personality returned, you started to get TWO new teeth.  Teething was in full force, runny nose, sleepless nights, but alas after that, you have been the happiest I have ever seen you.  Maybe it was because it felt like 3 weeks of hardship for you, but you have been the most joyful I have ever seen you.

And you know what??? Right at 11 months you took you first steps.  Wobby and a little zombie like you started walking further and furter.  First from me to the couch.  Then from me to Jillian or Daddy.  We would hold out our arms for you and you would wobble your way over to us with the BIGGEST look of acheieement on your face.  You were SO proud, and we were SOOOO proud of you.  You clapped your hands and grinned.  We yell, "look she's walking" and the entire family would cheer you on.

Some other milestones I can't forget are:
1) Second word you learned was NO!  This has been hilarious because we say no all the time int his house.
2) Because of being sick you have been a very picky eater, this has been hard because you are already on the very petite side when it comes to weight.  So lets hope it gets better....
3) Using your walker to walk around or a baby stroller to push
4) An interest in baby's dolls, kissing them hugging them.
5) Obsessed with MILO our cat, literally can't get enough
6) Loves putting things into baskets and them dumping them out
7) Still nursing but not as much
8) YOU LOVE the bath so much.
9) You are a total momma's girl.  You love to be carried by me, and if I am around it's only me you want.
10) You are one hard baby to diaper change and to get dressed. You have never liked either since you were born.

You are the LIGHT of my life, little Peach.  I can't even begin to describe the immense about of joy you bring to our family.  You are a comedian, and love to be around Jillian and Wes.  I still can't believe you are almost one, it's sad in a way, but I LOVE seeing who you are becoming and all your accomplishments so far. 

Love you SOOOO much,