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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Jillian lost a tooth

While Georgia has been sprouting teeth left and right, our Jillian has been losing them!  Well okay, she has only lost one, but once you lose one, they all start to follow. When she first told me it was loose, it was a day filled of excitement.  In some funny way, I related it a bit to the end of pregnancy. There was a lot of anticipation of when this tiny tooth would decide to jump ship.  I kept saying any day, and Jillian agreed. It was pretty loose.  We were so eager for it to fall out, but then it kind of hung around and then we sort of forgot about it until it decided it was time! 

We had just eaten lunch, and I see Jillian run from the table to the bathroom.  I though to myself how odd, so I followed her to the bathroom to see her holding a tooth and mending to some blood on her lip.  I was hit with so many emotions, but the first thing I could do was just scream with excitement.  We got a towel to clean up the blood and then we placed the tooth in a safe spot and inspected it. Wow, it was so small.  When I asked her how it all went down, she said it was right after she bit into an apple.  She though it was a seed, but then upon further inspection and the slight distaste of blood, she knew it was her tooth.  I told her she was lucky she didn't swallow it and she was so enamored with her tooth that when it was time to place it under the pillow she wanted to write to the tooth fairy and ask kindly if she would let her keep her tooth.  What a sweet idea, so we wrote a letter (Jillian's words, my writing) and left it next to the bed.  To her dismay when she woke, the tooth was gone, but a $1 and some fairy dust was left behind, so I'd have to say it was a pretty exciting morning.  We used the pillow I used as a little girl and my mom had used when she was little to hold the tooth.  And the funniest part about the whole thing???  The next day her other bottom tooth started to wiggle, so let's just say we've better make sure we have tooth fairy money laying around.