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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Weight Gain and Pregnancy

This chart had a very informative breakdown of how your extra weight is distributed during pregnancy. note: it does not say anything about why I gained about 5 pounds in my ass.

I blame science for leaving that out.

The hairstyle on the pregnant mom below also needs some updating.


  1. You're the best at making me laugh out loud. I think I was "on track" until the Halloween goodies came out. Sheesh, I don't want to get on the scale Monday!

  2. What a cool little chart.
    And, hey, her belly looks like mine does whenever I have contractions- a SQUARE! And I thought I was the only one. haha.
    I've gained a ton in my butt as well. in fact, it's the only place I have stretch marks so far *knock on wood*.

  3. Just fell upon your blog. Very cute! I gained 50 pounds and most of it was in my ass as well. I never thought I could gain that much (and then lose it) in one year. Wow.

  4. I am gonna have to re-post this on my blog! Great find and neat chart! Thanks

  5. yeah what about my butt too? haha too funny!

  6. Popping over from Laura's (LG!) love this :)