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Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend Recap: Halloween 2010

Just because we didn't celebrate Halloween our traditional way (lots of drinking and partying) doesn't mean we just sat around the house all weekend....

On Saturday morning, Tim woke up before the sun and met up with a friend to hike Saddleback Mountain. This hike was 16 miles round trip, up 4,000 feet. Yes, he's crazy!!!! Not to mention, he went despite the downpour of rain. Lucky for him it cleared up when they hit the trail head, but seriously, I was so proud of him. I can't wait to NOT be pregnant anymore so I can go on these hikes with him. I told him Baldy is up first once I am back in shape.

While he was hiking, I met up with Lisa and went shopping. First Babies R Us for some last minute items, lunch, and then target. Later that evening, Tim and I went to dinner and then went back to Target and purchased our new entry way accent table!! I will post pictures of it as soon as it is built.

Sunday, we donated a trunk full of things to Goodwill, and then met up with John and Lisa. The four of us headed down to San Clemente to meet Erik, Amanda and baby Claire for lunch. Baby Claire really liked Tim's beard. See the evidence below.

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