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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Random Pregnancy Updates

Our first pediatrician interview proved to be a success, because we canceled the other ones we had lined up!! Yep, it was that easy. Instantly we got a great vibe from the doctor we met, plus the medical office was 10 minutes from our house, with 3 additional locations in Orange County. There was absolutely no pretentiousness in our interview; just a doctor that loved children. We didn't feel rushed one bit. We got all our questions answered, and felt like she gave us a great overview of the practice and what to expect in the next 2 months.

On the same day, I had my 36 week check up with my OBYGN, and good news!! The baby is head down, in go position! I have one more week to cook this baby girl, and then she is considered full term.

Last Sunday, I didn't feel any activity from the baby. I waited until Monday to call the doctor, but come Monday morning I felt her kicks first thing. So I waited to tell the doctor about her inactivity until my regular appointment. She was not happy. She informed me that any time I feel the baby's activity go down, to call them right away.

I think because the last three weeks at work have been BRUTAL, the stress is getting to me a little bit. I am most likely heading out on maternity leave next week. Upon the advice from my doctor and our new pediatrician, the best thing I can be doing for our baby is resting and taking it easy.

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  1. You're almost at the end! We meet with our pedi on the 15th and I know that will be a big check once we decide on him. I'm glad your little lady starting moving again for you and I can't wait to hear how things go these last coupld weeks!