Welcome to my Digital Baby Book - Dedicated to Jillian, Weston and Georgia.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Jillian is 22 months

Dear Jillian,

You are the most friendly little girl I have ever met.  When I take you anywhere ( I mean anywhere ), you have to shout 'hi" to everyone.  Everyone!  The old lady getting produce, the deli counter clerk, the bag checker, pedestrians walking across the street, the Starbucks Barista, and random people walking around in the mall.  You want to greet and meet everyone we come across.  Even when you are in your car seat and we drive by a bicyclist, you shout hi from the car.

I love this about you.  It shows me how social you are, how confident you are, and how excited you are to use your words and to communicate to those around you.   While "Hi" is your most used word, you still know plenty of others.  You copied daddy's first cuss word this month. When you say the world "necklace" it sounds like "naked."  I do a double take every time.  There are times where we don't understand what you are trying to say.  You get frustrated and we get sad, knowing how hard you are trying to communicate, but give us a few more months and we will be have full blown conversations.

You loved Hawaii and were SOOO good on the plane there and back.  You were excited about the "fishy's" the "ocean" and the "lizards."  You really blew me away on how great of a traveler you were.

You continue to be a wonderful sleeper; you never fuss when we put you down for naps or bed.  You are starting to become more picky with your food but you still love your cheese, your waffles, your bananas, your crackers and your broccoli.You must have a fork when you eat, emulating mommy and daddy.

Blankie is still your number 1.  He sleeps with you, goes with you on all trips and is never far during play time.  He helps dry tears when you are upset and keeps you warm at night.  Some new toys that you love are your building blocks, your books and your play kitchen.

There is just so much fun to be had with you, I try to never take a single day with you for granite.  I really do cherish my time with you, because I know these special times will soon be distant memories.  And while I can't wait to see you turn 2 in a few months, I really want to pause time and just soak up every single part of you now.  I love you very much (so does daddy) and we can't believe how much our heart grows each day.

Love, Mommy