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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Jillian Update - 2 Years, 9 Months

Jillian is at a REALLY fun age.  She's exploring her imagination all the time, and wants to play with mommy and daddy.  "Let's play little people" she says, and wants us to re-create a pretend world with her dollhouses.  She loves her babies and is putting her kitchen to use when she cooks for them. She can play alone in this imaginary play, but she really wants someone to play with her.  It's usually me (mom) but in recent weeks she's really starting to play with friends and interact together.

Jillian was potty trained at 2 1/2 years old and it took 3 days.  Day 1, she ran around the house with her big girl underwear and had 3 accidents. Day 2, she had 2 accidents, and by day 3, she had it. By day 5/6 she was wearing underwear at night and since then has only had about 5 accidents wetting the bed.  I owe a large part of her training to my mom, her grandma Marcia.  Grandma Marcia was the one who got her the princess panties and got her excited about the idea of using the big girl toilet to go potty.  Each time she went, she got gummy treats.  One thing about Jillian is she's so darn bright it doesn't take her long to figure something out.  She's sharp, like really sharp, but this girl is kind and so sweet.

When we are out and about playing, if she hears anyone crying or sees a child hurt, she will go up to them and ask if they are alright.  My favorite thing she says to Weston when he is crying is "You okay, you okay" and she will rub his head. This girl has no idea how much of my heart she has.  The love I have for her just contiues to grow as she does.  I am seeing a beautiful toddler turn into a little girl.

She's got her own opinions these days from what to wear, to what color plate to eat on.  She's a jabber mouth, always taking and exploring her vocabulary.   She still a champ at sleeping, she just is hard to get her into the bed. We still read books right before each nap and each sleep. She's an insanely courageous eater, and loves everything! Seriously she is the opposite of all those toddlers that are picky eaters.

Other fun things to note:
She started pre-school and goes Tuesday/Thursday mornings from 830-Noon.
She still loves purple and pink
She still goes everywhere with her blanket!