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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dear Weston - 10 1/2 Months

Dear Weston,
It s been such a busy month and there has been so much going on with you.  I better get this post up because currently you are about to turn 11 months, sort of a mom fail! I am going to quickly recap some of my thoughts and things you have been doing.

You are graceful. 
You can balance on two legs without holding on to anything. 
You have started to crab crawl, meaning your knees don't touch the floor.
When you crawl your left knee always up so it's a funny little crawl - something you have perfected and it so you!
You like to climb up on things - me included, and you love to stairs. You could climb them all day. 
We don't have to use baby gates yet.  
You have begun to bite - or nibble. Both during nursing and when I am holding you.  I stearnly say, "no bite" and you get instant tears (because you know better). You definitely start to feel guilty!
You drank out of a straw and sippy cup for the first time.
You eat everything we do, and I have started to feel less anxious now that you have this whole eating thing down - we still nurse on demand and before naps and bedtime. You still would want my boob in your mouth ALL night if I let you but that's NOT happening - no thank you!
I find myself taking you in every chance I get because it's all going by so fast. 
You started to point at things.
You dance when we put music on. 
When you see your sister you instantly smile.  You adore her, and she loves you. 
You can't get enough of the bath and love to splash.
You are obsessed with airplanes, cars and balls.  Those are your go to toys. 

You are so close to 1, and as we approach the year mark, I am really sad.  While I LOVE seeing you flourish and become this amazing little man, I want to keep you a baby forever.  We have a bond. You are my little buddy, and I am so incredibly proud of you.  Although you haven't been the easiest baby, its meant that I have gotten more time to help you feel secure.  All those cuddles, late nights nursing and co-sleeping has really bonded us. I am so in love with you. I really am.

Love you always,
Your mom

At a Glance:
10 1/2 month Stats:
Weight: 19 pounds (guess)
Height: 33 inches (guess)
Head: 22 inches (guess)

Sleep Stats:
No change from last month.

You are eating everything we do. It's awesome. You love your cheerios and your gold fish crackers and of course you eat up spaghetti.  It's probably your favorite! You love chicken and turkey. You still get 3 jars of veggies a day, but you really prefer to eat real food over the spoon fed stuff. You have not had any formula this past month.