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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Weston's First Birthday Celebration

The theme was incredibly easy to pick out.  Airplanes!  Since buying our home last year, we have moved underneath the flight path to John Wayne Airport.  It's actually really quite cool. The area we live in, is central Orange County, and we see a ton of airplanes throughout the day making their decent.  Needless to say, every since we moved in, Weston has been obsessed. One of the things he started doing after he noticed the patterns of planes was point. So anytime we would be anywhere, we would ask him "Weston, where are the airplanes?" and we would have him pointing his finger to the sky.  It was incredibly cute.  His fascination with airplanes is still dominant over most other things. Sure, he loves cars, balls, all those boy like things, but if he hears the roar of a jet engine or a hoovering helicopter above, he's straining his neck to locate it with his eyes, and then there goes his little hand pointing in awe.

This winter in Orange County has been non-existent this year.  It's been officially declared a drought.  Anyone that knows Tim and I, knows we LOVE rain.  However, I was thrilled to be able to plan an outdoor party at our new home for Weston, in perfect viewing site of the airplanes. We ordered a jump house, tables and chairs and invited over 30 of our closest family and friends.  Well, the weather of course decided to send a HUGE storm our way that week, and of course it called for 90% chance of rain on his birthday party day. I was soooo bummed.

So you know what we did, we moved the jump house into the garage for all the kiddos, and made do with our indoor space.  We HAD THE BEST time ever.  Because the weather was so nasty out, all the kids wanted to jump. Three days of pent up energy, and parents were glad to see a controlled space like a bounce house to use for hours!  And we did. We got our money out of that thing. 

You know what Weston did?  He slept. He greeted our guests, posed for some photos, and then was exhausted and excused himself to his room where he slept for over an hour with his door wide open, and people make a ton of noise. Ummmmm....since when did he adopt the term sleep like a baby? Because our son, doesn't ever do that.  So I had to wake him up to do cake before everyone had left.  He was groggy and tired, but after the birthday song, he really started to dig the idea that he was the center of attention and this person who is the center of attention gets a cake to eat all by himself.  And this kid of mine....he DUG IN.  He was eating it, got it all over his little cheeks, and continued to play with it for a good 15 minutes. I was in shock. Both my kiddos and their first cake experience were the complete opposite of what I thought they would do.

The day ended with the opening of presents and LOTS of leftover food.  I am pretty sure we still have a whole bag of Costco Tortilla chips.