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Monday, September 22, 2014

Dear Weston - 18 Months

Dear Wes man -
You are truly an amazing little guy.  Since our last update at 1 year there have been so many changes.  First and foremost you started sleeping in your own crib through the night at 14 months old.  We tried crying it out at 12 months but it didn't work.  We tried again at 13 months, you still weren't ready.  But at 14 months something just clicked and it worked.  It wasn't easy, you still cried, but you only cried for about 20 minutes the first time. It was less the second night.  And from that point on, you have been a really great sleeper. Don't get me wrong there are nights here and there that you wake up in the middle of night, but I let you cry it out.  At the longest this could be 20-25 minutes, sometimes only 10 minutes.  I also should mention I nurse you down before naps and bedtime.  These nursing sessions happen after a book, and can last up to 45 minutes.  Sometimes this is challenging if I have your sister I need to tend to, but mostly I enjoy this time with you because I get some alone/quiet time too.  Honesty, it's a time we get to snuggle, I get to hold you, and a time that I just smother you with little kisses while you eyes start to get heavy. Naps have also been great! Right now you are just napping once a day around 1 pm until about 3 pm (2-3 hours). Sometimes when we are out for a long time in the morning you will fall asleep in the car on the way home.  And you know what you have mastered?? You can transfer!! We can pick you up asleep from your car seat or stroller and move you to the crib.  It's amazing and has made my life SOOO much easier.

We've got such a great routine going on with you now that you have become a more independent little guy.  You wake up early, sometimes 6 am. I always bring you into bed with me and we nurse for 30-45 more minutes.  Then Jillian is up and we all go downstairs and have breakfast. We always leave the house and are usually back for lunch. Naps happen after lunch, and while you nap, Jillian and I have our own quiet time and we watch a movie. After nap, we have snack, play outside, head to the park, or grocery store, and most days we go for a walk.  Although once the weather in got too hot (August and September) we skip the walk and stay inside. I manage to cook most nights and once dad gets home we eat at 6/6:30.  We bathe you both every other night and then it's time for bed at 8 pm.

You are such a BOY.  You love cars.  You take them on the couch or the table and pretend they are driving on a street or race track.  You still love airplanes, but some new loves are play dough, crayons, dancing, exploring mine and daddy's cars, climbing on the couches and beds, and the sandbox.  If I had to pick the one thing you LOVE the most it would be books.  You could read/look at your books all day long.  You love to sit your bottom right into mine or daddy's lap and hand us a book.  Your favorites: Brown Bear Brown Bear, Any word books with pictures, Go Dogs Go, Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site, and Colors.  You are really smart.  You are a little reserved, shy at first, but it doesn't take you long to warm up.  Once comfortable you babble on and on.  You LOVE your sister.  You want to copy everything she does.  You are learning to hold your own with her as well.  She tends to take toys away from you, but now days you will scream back and her, telling her through your babbles to stop doing that!  You sleep with your blankie.  You haven't gotten attached to any sort of lovie. You sleep with a white noise machine.  You are still a terrible eater.  We've been able to figure you what you like and just stick to those.  You are a texture eater. So anything soft, squishy, or slimy you won't touch.  Which means all fruit is out.  You enjoy cheese, all crackers, raisins, or yogurt raisins, chips, sweets, ice cream, pizza, all pasta, broccoli, donuts, chicken, meat, quesadilla's and cereal.  Oh and you LOVE milk.  I try not to stress about your diet.  My only concern is if you are getting bigger and you are.  You jumped up to 35% for both height and weight.  You are still a little guy on the skinny side, but you have a lot more hair and your eyes are still bright blue.

You have a lot of words! A lot of things are referred to as Da Da, but besides me and Jillian, you just adore your daddy.  He calls you little champion and it's your nickname.  I call you Bubbs or Bubbies and mostly Wes. You respond to all. You say mama, doggy, cow, car, ding dong, A version of "I want that," cat, ball, bubbles, purple, apple, and so many more....You still point and grunt when you want something too, but you are such a sweet little guy.  You are SOOOOO still suggly!! Way more than your sister.  You will be playing and out of the blue you will come right up to me and give me a hug and a kiss.  Actually anytime we ask you for a kiss you open your mouth and go right for our cheeks.  You think about things before you do them and for your age, you are an extremely good listener.  You know so many phrases and will obey me even if I am not there. You know not to climb the stairs and you will wait at the bottom until you see me to start your way up...You are just so sweet.  You do hit when you get mad.  You will hit me or Jillian or just hit other things.  And you do throw tantrums, but they aren't very long.  You are stubborn for sure.  I have known that since you were a baby, but you act out if you don't get something you want.  Sharing is hard for you, but I don't blame you. It's hard when Jillian is always taking things from you, so recently you have started to get really mad at her and hit her.  One thing about you is you know when I raise my voice, you have done something wrong. You cry and get really upset but it's a sweet cry.  You come to me and fall into  my arms and just want to nurse.  You use me as a pacifer, and there are sometimes you are on the boob all day.  I usually don't mind, since nursing acts as a reset button.  If you are upset, angry, or hurt you can nurse for a bit and once you are done, you are back to a happy little guy. I have good days and bad days with nursing.  I know you still need it, but sometimes it's very time consuming.  It's hard on Jillian to understand why so much of my time is with you - it's something I am trying to find balance in.

You have had a busy summer.  Beach trips weekly, play dates, lots of pool time. You enjoy the water but in small doses.  The beach is better with you since you LOVE the sand.  Your friends are still Jillian's friends.  But you are social.  You are always sharing toys in the sandbox with other kids and are always curious about the little boys you see running around at the parks and beach. I really love your personality and what I see forming.  While your stubborness can be front and center sometimes, you are a smart, kind little boy.  You crave warmth, and love, and you enjoy sharing and meeting others. This is how I imagine your dad was as a little one.  It's a joy seeing you thrive!!

I have said this before but you have made our family feel complete.  You are so incredibly perfect and have come a long way.  I love you so much, and feel blessed I have been able to care for you since you were born.  I've gotten to personally see all your milestones and my connection with you feels incredibly magical.  From nursing to all the snuggles, you are such a dream. Love you always Wes man.


Below is a little list of things I don't want to forget.

- Went to Santa Barbara for a few nights and you fell off a chair and hurt your head.  
- Went to Grandma Marcia's and Grandpa Bill's house for two weeks in the summer. You feed goats and horses
- Went to Palm Springs for our annual trip to the Marriott Vacation Club.  BEST WEEK EVER!!  You chased ducks, went swimming every day and ate your first popciscle.