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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Dear Weston - 2 Years Old

Dear Wes,
It's really hard to believe that you are two.  It's really sad in a way that you are growing up, but I am so happy to say that you are flourishing in all areas as a two year old.  You are hilarious, you are sweet and sensitive, you have a kind heart, but most of all you are friendly.  You know ALL your letters and your ABC's, you know how to count to 10 and you can recognize each letter, and you LOVE your books more than anything.  While we see an extremely bright young boy, we also see a very tender, loving boy.  If you see mommy upset, you come up to me and hug me.  You say I "wub" you out of the blue.  You give us kisses whenever we ask (well most of the times, sometimes you do say no kisses and push our faces away), but there is never a shortage of hugs from you.  You love to dance. You love stuffed animals and giving them hugs and kisses. You are obsessed with cars and trucks, especially Mater (aka Matey) from Disney Cars.  When you get upset or angry, you pout your lips really big and say NO! You hate wearing pants, and will only wear shorts.  You have gone potty on the toilet a handful of times on your own doing.  You finally mastered the slide at the park, which for you took a while to gain confidence.  You could swing ALL day long.  Your vocabulary is advanced for a two year old. You form 3-4 word sentences and you talk all day long. This wasn't always the case, because I feel compelled to add that I was a bit worried that you didn't say much around 18 months.  This word explosion has been great in understanding what you want and need, but there are still times where we are confused which upsets you.  For a 2 year old toddler, you sure do know what you want.  You want to do things on your own, mostly copying your sister, but you get upset if you can't do them by yourself.  You are obsessed with mowing the lawn. You say it 100 times a day to daddy.  You are also obsessed with trash cans and the garbage truck.  Monday mornings are a highlight when we go to the curb and watch the garbage trucks come pick up our trash.  You yell, blue can, black can and green can. Which is also been helpful, because you are eager to help me take things out to the garbage!

You also love to help me cook.  Which is surprising because you are still a PICKY eater!  It drives me nuts. We had a red flag with your weight at your 2 year check up.  You went from 30% to 10% in weight.  The doctor was concerned.  He told us no more nursing! He also wanted to see us back in one month for a weight check.  So we stopped nursing cold turkey - sort of.  I continued to nurse you before nap and bed. It was a hard transition.  We had to say goodbye to the morning nursing session which was my favorite because it meant I carried you back to bed with me to nurse while I got extra time in bed and got snuggles from you.  In order to transition you from super cranky monster in the morning, we put on a short cartoon of Disney's cars. You loved it. You got milk in a sippy, and sort of forgot about nursing.  After naps were much easier, you didn't mind so much that we didn't nurse.  It was not an easy month, but after our return visit you had gained 2 pounds!!! You were back up to 30% and doctor was very happy.  In this month we started to see you eat so much more.  Eggs for breakfast every day with sausage, lots of mac n cheese and pastas, lots of rice and one of your favorite foods is chic filet chicken nuggets! Honestly I was relieved on so many levels.  While you still don't eat much through out the day, you are consistently eating at least one good  meal a day.  And we give you what you like. 

As far as nursing, we are down to just one time a day, right before nap.  I lay down with you in your room, let you nurse to sleep and then I get up and leave the room.  You give us solid 2-3 hour naps, and most of the time wake up happy, but honestly you are a cranky riser.  I think it's still because you miss the nursing, but I also think this will get better with maturity over time.  Nighttime has been a huge success on account of daddy.  He puts you to sleep, and personally I think you prefer it.  You two have created your own routine which is books, singing songs and then laying together until you slowly fall asleep.  You still cry a little when he leaves the room, but as daddy says, it's building confidence and over time this will only improve. 

We had a small birthday gathering for your big day.  Grandpa Curt and Grandma Mo were in town, and of course we invited over Dan and the Bielats.  We ordered pizza and had a custom cake made and you got lots of fun gifts.

A few other things I don't want to forget:
1) You like to role play and can play house with Jillian or princesses, or another favorite: the farm!
2) Your favorite toy is your bruder trash truck.  Every day all the time
3) You still call Jillian GiGi
4) You love playing at Jillian's school after we pick her up. You love the teeter toter and your favorite friend is Cayden (Riley's younger brother). Wow, you love him.
5) Another toy favorite: leggos!
6) Running running and running - you are speedy
7) Nick names: Wild wild west, Wes man, Wes bug and Jillian called you West

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